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Richard Phannenstill
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Richard J. Phannenstill was a crew
chief and door gunner with the
121st Assault Helicopter Company in
Soc Trang, So. Vietnam in 1967 and
is a Disabled American Veteran.
He is a lifetime member of Veteran
organizations, such as the VFW,
DAV, Vietnam Veterans of America,
Vietnam Helicopter Crew Member
Assoc., and member of the
American Legion.
Committee Chairman
McHenry Vietnam Veterans Memorial
Sponsored by MCHS Class of 1964
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Vietnam Veterans Memorial Project
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I always wanted to do something special to honor my childhood friend, Carter Freund, as well as three other
Mchenry High School classmates, James Ambrose, III and Glenn Davis from the class of 1964 and John
Granath, Jr. from the class of 1967, all had lost their lives in Vietnam.  I did not want anyone to forget about
them.  I started working on a proposal to build a Memorial for all those who served during the Vietnam war,
especially those McHenry Community High School classmates who gave their all for our country.   

I started gathering memorial information, visited many memorials and in 2013, the Vietnam Traveling Wall
came to the McHenry VFW for four days.   

A few months later, the McHenry Class of '64 committee gave a thumbs up to sponsoring a Vietnam Veterans
memorial at Veterans Park in McHenry, Illinois.  I submitted a revised proposal to McHenry Mayor Low and the  
City Council members for their consideration.   On December 16, 2013, Mayor Low gave a presentation
about the memorial to the City Council members as well as an audience of 50 veterans and supporters.   The
vote for the project was unanimous.  The audience gave City Council members a standing ovation and, in
return, the Council gave the Veterans a standing ovation.  Needless to say, this was very moving.  With the aid
of committee volunteers, the VFW and other McHenry area Veteran organizations, the fundraising project now
is underway.

Richard J. Phannenstill
Committee Chairman
MCHS Class of 1964 Memorial Fund
Please consider a contribution to the
McHenry Vietnam Veterans Memorial.
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