She currently is a business manager for a major corporation for the past 13 years,
and previously has own her own  successful landscaping business and another one
in the Fashion industry.

She brings a unique artistic flair to all her community projects with
genuine understanding of
“WE are all Related”

Nancy Hummingbird
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Nancy Hummingbird
Honoring the Circle
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Nancy has an entrepreneurial background in Landscaping and growing her own varieties of unique
flowers and vegetables. She is also a successful teacher of growing and preserving plants and seeds.

Nancy is a design landscaper at Bemidji University for the last 12 years. Creating visual excitement
yearly and has added the natural beauty of herbs, flowers and grasses.

She is passionate about seed preservation, and currently focusing on Rainbow Corn and a few
other heritage varieties. Recently working with Greg Schoen,
receiving, Glass Gems Corn seeds and growing them out
with amazing results in our northern climate. She has
also worked with seed grower Dianna Henry, author
of Whispering Ancestors and assisted with corn
heritage teachings in different communities.

She is committed to sharing seeds and growing
practices with seed banks. Last year in March, 2013,
while attending the opening of the seed temple,  "The Path",
with the seed keepers, all had wholeheartedly committed
to seed preservation.
Nancy is a volunteer as the Event Coordinator for Honoring the Circle group,
promoting diverse heritage, wildlife preservation and rehabilitation. Teaching
and mentoring children and adults on sustainability through the love of
gardening. While also seed saving for the next generation, and creating
fun ways to keep children interested and interacting with all the beauty
gardening has to offer.